Life According to TWITTER

What can I say about twitter? I seriously couldn’t believe myself when i signed up for a twitter. i felt that i was just following the rest of the world when i signed up. and i have never been one for “following the crowd.”  along with not wanting to follow the crowd, i have always seen twitter as just an ok for stalking. i mean honestly, who else other than stalkers really want to know what people are doing every minute of the day?

after we talked about twitter in class and how it can be more than just “what are you doing right now” i tried to keep an open mind about it all. i even tried to find some people who i thought would be interesting to follow. but unfortunately i was still unsatisfied.

i think that part of my problem was i was following everyone in my class.  and no offense to everyone in the class.. but i dont really know them and i could care less about what they happen to be doing.

i can honestly say that i will probably not continue using twitter after this class, but i am glad that i actually tried it out. there are few things i hate more than people who reject something they have never tried or experienced. it was a nice experience and now i know what twitter is all about and all that it can do. so maybe one day when i have more time to waste on the computer or maybe want to try a little harder to like it or even to see if maybe it has changed, i will try it again. but for now, i will just stick to what i have.


Ropes Course

Just recently my FYE (First Year Experience) class went and prticipated in a low ropes  given by Southern Adventures.  Most of the activities that we participated in i had already experienced this past summer. this summer i worked in New Mexico at a youth ranch called Eagles’ Wings Youth Ranch.  During what we call “Adventure Rec” we did many games and activities that were all very simular to the ones i participated in last week.  when we first started out i always thought “ho the heck am i gonna get a life lesson out of any of these games?”  when really you can get a lot. they may not be huge life lessons but they can certainly help when you get in certain situations.  for example you have to be able to put trust in a lot of people you don’t know that well. that is a lot harder than you may think.

in my experience participating in tghe ropes course i had to put my trust in the other people in my class. for me that wasnt too difficuly because no matter what we were doing everyone had the same goal, so everyone helped everyone accomplish that goal.  something that is always made known to me when doing these activities is that there are many challenges in life. when faced with these many challenges you cant always solve them the same way. also, with many of the challenges people face in life call for people to help you solve them. no can solve every problem they face all on there own.

if noone has ever been involved with any type of challenge course i encourage them to try it out.  people can learn that it is ok to ask for help. they can learn that problems are much easier solved with the help of your friends. and even easier solved with the help of someone who excels in the area of which your problem is placed.